G U I . D E . F R E I T A S

Branding, Packaging, Web & more.

A strategic designer with over 15 years of experience helping brands to stand out through impactful design solutions.
Design solutions for brands that strive for differentiation. Brands that want to stand out from the crowd through uniqueness, simplicity, and modernity.
Strategic Thinking
A clear understanding of the design process and experience in the business side for over 8 years have shaped my perception of how to contribute and elevate the projects to not only look professionally beautiful, but also meet the business strategies and goals helping to achieve the desired results.
Multidisciplinary Approach
As a passionate and always curious designer, I have been honing my skills, while exploring new ways to cover the most important brand touchpoints. From brand strategy to brand identity, packaging, sales and promotional materials, web, e-commerce, digital and social media assets, I can deliver the solutions that will create brand consistency and will help your brand or product to be positioned differentiated in the market.
+15 years of experience
Yes. Over 15 years doing what I love — helping brands to get their results through design solutions that are impactful and differentiated. I've worked for different sizes of companies, and projects in the most different segments of the industry, from food & beverage brands to real estate, medical clinics, service companies ... I've run my own design studio for 8 years, worked as an Art Director for an award-winning marketing agency in Canada and as an independent designer I've been helping agencies and companies to shape brands and products.
Impactful Creative
Good design goes beyond aesthetics. Great design makes a brand/product understandable, purposeful and long-lasting. Through simplicity, modernity and focus on the details, I create eye-catching, professional designs that not only differentiate the brand and products, but also properly communicate to the target audiences.






Digital & Social


Whether through branding, packaging, website, sales or promotional materials, signage, advertising campaigns, or digital marketing assets for social media and email marketing. Here are some clients I've helped to position their brands/products and drive results through design solutions.

  • Naked Natural Foods
  • Herschel Supply Co.
  • Hardbite
  • Quail's Gate
  • Spread Em' Kitchen
  • Tayybeh
  • Bucha Brew
  • Tribe ACV
  • Swan Lake Market & Garden
  • Troika Developments
  • Jerky in a Box
  • Predacor
  • BC Fresh
  • Drake Meats
  • Stor-x
  • Canstar Restorations
  • Eocycle
  • VisionPros
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