I’m an experienced and passionate Web & Graphic Designer with over 10 years helping companies stand out.

Design is my passion. I believe that through design we can make people’s lives better and innovate businesses, thus generating better results. My daily motivation is thinking and creating with people and brands that inspire me.

I’m a creative, detail-oriented designer with experience in designing visual projects for companies ranging from brand positioning to their visual identity, to graphic, web, digital, and marketing assets. I’m always driven to create valuable user experiences and increase company results.

My web, branding, graphic and digital skills, organizational ability, collaborative approach and the constant desire for improvement, are assets that I’ve been able to utilize throughout my career.

My past design clients have benefited from receiving design deliverables such as:

  • Web and digital deliverables such as HTML/CSS and WordPress customized websites, user interface design, email marketing and social media assets.
  • Visual identity and logo design;
  • Printed collateral and signage;
  • Corporate marketing materials (e.g. brochures, presentations, reports);

When not working, I usually like to go out and clear my mind by taking pictures of the daily city life, and sharing on my personal Instagram what I’ve seen through my walks.


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