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I'm Gui de Freitas. A Brazilian designer living in Vancouver.


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Fount Trading

Fount is a trading company that has been operating since 2015, locating high-quality products from trusted sources around the world to provide products for its retail and industrial clients.

The company has understood that it was time to rethink its positioning and strategy, and a direction of redefining the brand name and image were added to the plan. Since the beginning of its operations, the company has worked under the name Premium Group.

The result was the implementation of a new modern brand, that reflects the company values and positioning. It communicates the professional and current business moment and prepares the company for the future.

Services: Naming, Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Corporate Materials, Website

Roam & Wander

Roam & Wander is a travel planning company that was created by its owner, Nikki Flaming, to encourage people to travel and explore, regardless if they have someone to travel with or not.

The visual identity had as a conducting wire, a photo of a cloudy sky with a plane wing in which a great gradient of colours mixed tones of purple, pink, blue and orange. These colours were brought to the brand on dry tones that were applied separately and through a gradient of purple tones (from darker to lighter). For the wordmark, simplicity and legibility were the keywords.

The result is a consistent brand ready to spread its message through its audiences, providing its services with excellence and achieving all its goals, in a professional way.

Services: Naming, Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Corporate Collateral, Website

Hõlme Interiors

Hõlme Interiors is an interior design studio located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Based on a new strategic plan, they asked me to think of a new visual identity that could evoke the senses of sophistication, simplicity, and modernity.

I began by defining a symbol that could easily be recognized not only for its simplicity but also for its sophistication - which was brought to light using a serif typeface with some adjustments to its lines and corners. Copper and concrete tones also played an important role in the whole identity and were based on the materials commonly used by the studio in its projects to bring out its personality.

After that, the elements started to be defined, and as a result, we had a final visual identity that not only represented the brand's purpose but also helped the studio consolidate its positioning with the intended audience.

Services: Visual Identity, Corporate Materials, Website

BR Juice

BR Juice specializes in tasty and healthy natural juices made from Brazilian fruits only. The company intended to be recognized as a distinguished brand that prided itself on its tropical roots.

My work began by mapping elements and words that could highlight and distinguish the brand from its competitors. The acronym “BR”, which stands for “BRAZIL”, has gained the center of the logo, and a diagonal line through the symbol represented the compass that reminds them that regardless of wherever the brand is in the world, they will always remember its origin. The dark red hue brought sophistication and a stark contrast to the light shades chosen to be used as the basis for applications.

The result was a brand that communicates with its target audiences and stands out from its main competitors.

Services: Visual Identity, Marketing Collateral, Website, Social Media Assets

Fonte da Lagoa

Fonte da Lagoa was an exclusive residential development located in one of the most charming neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro - at the foot of the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer.

I was asked to create the logo and promotional book that would be delivered to exclusive customers.

The logo was handmade and intentionally polished to be perceived as a signature, representing exclusivity and refinement. The lines in waves represent the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, a city landmark a few steps from the residential front door.

The result of this project was material that helped to promote and connect the public with this unique project.

Services: Logotype and Promotional Book

More Than Coffee

More Than Coffee is a hub that blends coffee shop and co-working space. A place to connect tech and creative people who want to share ideas, thoughts, projects…

The visual identity was designed to be strong and with a straightforward message that encompasses its positioning. The typography took on the role of creating the connection that evokes that sense. Black and white to reflect the modernity of being simple and elements such as kraft, wood and brown leather to tie it all with elegance and differentiation.

The result – A consistent brand with a great purpose to contribute to the people’s success and believes that by getting together and collaborating, we are able to build things even bigger.

Services: Naming, Brand positioning, Visual Identity, Environmental Design, Marketing Collateral, Website