Fount is a trading company that has been operating since 2015, locating high-quality products from trusted sources around the world to provide products for its retail and industrial clients.

The company has understood that it was time to rethink its positioning and strategy, and a direction of redefining the brand name and image were added to the plan. Since the beginning of its operations, the company has worked under the name Premium Group. 

From this stage, I started helping them with the naming process which led us to come up with the name Fount Trading as the best name to translate the outlined company’s strategy.

After choosing the new brand name, the next stage of the process was to translate visually all of the directions. 

First, the analysis focused on the choice of the right typography and the definition of a symbol that balanced the essential business formality and the current trends of modern design.

Second, it was the moment of choosing the colours and patterns that made the identity even more unique and distinctive. In this case, the red highlights the characteristics of being a Canadian company, without the need to clearly symbolize it. Red also represents the idea of land/resources. The sand colour with its variations, light and dark, came to represent the different lands where the products are created and then shipped to. The similar sense was thought and created with the composition of lines that represents this movement of bringing opportunities from one place to another. 

Then, the work was to apply the new brand identity to its most relevant range of materials (offline and online), such as stationery, product specification sheets and documents, website and others.

For the website, the proposal followed the idea of keeping the simplicity and easy access to all information, especially the products section, which was thought to show detailed specifications of the products offered. This new feature on its website came to facilitate customer understanding and reduce the time of managing individually common requests of these materials.

The result was the implementation of a new modern brand, that reflects the company values and positioning. It communicates the professional and current business moment, and prepares the company for the future.