More than coffee is the brand name of a idea that started small with the intention to grow larger. The idea was to represent something that goes beyond the already differentiated coffee shops with people working remotely or having meetings while tasting a special coffee.

The scenario brought up was, “we need to offer something with the power of building a community around us”. From that idea all the strategy has begun to be detailed, discussed and headed to what became – More Than Coffee – A hub that blends coffee shop and co-working space. A place to connect tech and creative people who want to share ideas, thoughts, projects… There, professionals don’t need to make a reservation or even pay for a seat. The idea is to foster sharing and also stimulate it with workshops, talks, and meetings with established professionals. They would deliver to the community more than just delicious coffee and a cool space to open a laptop at.

The brand visual identity was designed to be strong and with a straightforward message that encompasses its positioning. The typography took on the important role of creating the connection that evokes that sense. Black and white to reflect the modernity of being simple and elements such as kraft, wood and brown leather to tie it all with elegance and differentiation.

Amoung the brand applications, I considered the space, marketing assets, the digital environment and other elements which cover the different touchpoints the brand has with its audience.

The result – A consistent brand with a great purpose to contribute to the people’s success and believes that by getting together and collaborating, we are able to build things even bigger. 

The final imaginative feeling after the whole process is how awesome it would be if every city around the globe could have such a cafe. Who knows it happens in the future!