Roam & Wander is a travel planning company that was created by its owner, Nikki Flaming, to encourage people to travel and explore, regardless if they have someone to travel with or not.

The work started with diving deep into an understanding of their goals, mission and vision, their different audiences, and some of their direct and indirect competitors. I then set up a position that guided all the design process.

The visual identity had as a conducting wire, a photo of a cloudy sky with a plane wing in which a great gradient of colours  mixed tones of purple, pink, blue and orange. This created a great atmosphere for the image. These colors were brought to the brand on dry tones that were applied separately and through a gradient of purple tones (from darker to lighter). 

For the wordmark the simplicity and legibility were the key words. The idea was to be easily recognizable wherever it is applied. 

A little elegance and lightness was needed to balance all the elements already defined, and for that, a serif font with thin lines was chosen to add the missed value and tie in the visual identity that is representing this brand.

As an online service, the website was thought to be a place to drive the user throughout the decision process, providing relevant and connected information, which complemented each other in each stage and content section. 

The result is a consistent brand ready to spread its message through its audiences, providing its services with excellence and achieving all its goals, in a professional way.